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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The West... this week

The freezing level this week has been slightly higher than forecast. Im working on a West Coast Mountaineering course for Glenmore Lodge based at Inchree. We spent Tuesday on the ZigZags on Gear Aonach and then made an ascent of Broad Gully, too windy for the summit so we made our way back into the corrie. A cold snowy morning but very mild and wet in the afternoon.
Yesterday was spent on the Ben with an ascent on Ledge route. Again milder than forecast with wettish snow most of the way with fresh avalanche debris in No5 gully. No4 was not an option for descent so we entertained ourselves with a bum slide down the red burn.
Today was spent in the Ice Factor due to high winds and much dampness. Hopefully it will be a bit colder tormorrow for Craig and Malcolms last day.

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