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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Busy in the Cairngorms

Busy on the hill with groups and lots of folks getting out making the most of the excellent wintery conditions.

The downside last weekend were the 2 avalanches in Sneachda where all 5 escaped off the hill and can return another day. However, the wind machine was turned back on today along with more snow than forecast, im sure the avalanche forecast will again require some thought/interpretation if your planning a day out this week coming. If you dont understand the forecast and the observed forecast and cannot identify on the hill what SAIS are referring to, spend as little as £45 and go on a course, it could potentially save your life.It also helps to actually read the avalanche forecast.....

Ive been working at Glenmore Lodge over the last wee while on winter mountaineering and skills courses. A few photos below.

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